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Welcome to The Royal Jelly Company - where your health matters

Royal Jelly is produced by worker bees for their Queen and has been used for centuries to enhance health and well-being in humans.

Royal Jelly contains a multitude of vitamins, minerals and amino acids including vitamins B, C and E, and minerals including magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and iron to name but a few.

The Royal Jelly Company prides itself in producing Royal Jelly Elixir containing Fresh Royal Jelly (preserving the active ingredients). There is 120mg of fresh Royal Jelly in every 10ml of the Royal Jelly Elixir, making this a potent formula. Our product is made in England.

The benefits of The Royal Jelly Company products

Royal Jelly assists to promote

A sense of overall well-being
Increases energy
Promotes healthy hair, skin & nails
Helps you to cope with stress
Improves immunity
Promotes vitality

Vanilla extract helps promote

A mood enhancer
Helps you to cope with stress
Increases energy
Promotes healthy skin

About the bees

Bees are an important part of nature and account for over 70% of global food production. Without the bees the world would not be what it is today.

Help the bees in their time of need and gain valuable information into how to encourage bees into your area.

Royal Jelly Elixir

Start feeling the benefits of The Royal Jelly Company's Royal Jelly Elixir. Purchase yours securely today and have it delivered to your door.

Please note that this supplement should not be taken if you are allergic to bees and their products.