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About the bees

The importance of bees

For most people, bees are the providers of our honey and in some cases, we are fearful of them buzzing around with a sting in their tail being a nuisance. The reality though is that they don't just produce our honey for us. Bees are responsible for a third of everything we eat. The phase 'busy as a bee' can't be more true, they pollinate over 70% crops in the UK and in addition pollinate the flowers of many more plants that are used in animal feed. The reality is that without bees our dinner table wouldn't be what it is today.

The plight of the bees

Since this journey began, I have become more mindful of the plight of the bees, which we have all taken for granted for many years not only spreading honey on our toast but by continuously destroying our environment. How many of us have actually thought about where the honey comes from, or how the destruction of our environment is affecting the bees? I educated myself on the plight of the bees and actively impart my knowledge to anyone and everyone who wants to take an interest in our goal of allowing the bees to thrive once more.

Our products

The Royal Jelly Company uses trusted sources for our ingredients, ensuring that they are all fresh, of the best quality, and most importantly sustainable. Our products are manufactured in England.

Royal Jelly has been used for thousands of years by humans for its unique health benefits and is still used today to support the body, mind and spirit. By the same token we now have to support the bees which give us so much.